When inside a commercial building, chances are you are experiencing conditioned air that has passed by multiple Lydall materials. Lydall’s specialty engineered materials are used in filtration and insulation applications worldwide, providing performance that keeps us healthy and comfortable.


LydAir® air filtration media is engineered to provide superior filtration performance for applications ranging 45% ASHRAE through HEPA and ULPA. LydAir commercial air filtration media are designed for a wide range of applications such as general HVAC, industrial processed air and those specialty applications requiring the finished filter to perform in harsh environments due to high temperature or high humidity.

Designed to offer the highest performance available, LydAir media is chosen for applications where reduced energy costs provide a distinguishable advantage.

  • Airports
  • Universities and Schools
  • Health Care Facilities
  • General HVAC Systems
  • Prefiltration for HEPA Systems


In addition to filtration media, Lydall Performance Materials also supplies insulation products to Commercial and Industrial Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning OEMs as a surface facer on fiberglass duct liner mat, duct board and acoustic panel applications. ManniGlas® thermal insulation facers are formaldehyde – free “functional surface facers”, specifically engineered as an integral component of the liner and board to allow for efficient sound absorption, low thermal conductivity and minimal airstream surface friction.

Our expertise in this application area provides our customers with enhanced performance because our products are able to provide critical features to the finished constructions: fire resistance, hydrophobicity, resistance to mold growth, abrasion resistance, sound quality and ease of cleaning without damage.